Your Pets Health Needs Can Change with the SeasonYour Pets Health Needs Can Change with the Season

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Your Pets Health Needs Can Change with the Season

When I bought my first house, the number-one item on my list of new home "must-haves" was a large, fenced-in back yard, so the dogs I would soon adopt would have a place to run around! I adopted one younger dog and a senior dog, so I have learned about caring for pets of all ages. One thing I have noticed is that my dogs' health needs really change with the seasons. My older dog has a little arthritis, and it acts up more in the cold winter and I have to give him a supplement for it. Both dogs are a little less active in the winter when it is cold, so I have to feed them a little less or they gain weight. I decided to start a blog to share my pet health tips, and I hope you can learn a lot here!



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Planning On Bringing A New Puppy Home? 3 Decisions You And Your Partner Should Reach Before You Adopt

Getting a new puppy is a lot of responsibility. In many ways, it's similar to bringing a baby home. Your new puppy is going to be dependent on you for all of its care. As it's caregivers, it's important that you're prepared for the responsibilities that will await you. That includes being on the same page with any other caregivers in the home. If you and your partner are going to be adopting a puppy, you need to sit down and discuss your care plan.  Agreeing on a care plan ahead of time will prevent disagreements later. Here are three issues that you and your partner should resolve before you adopt a new puppy.

Specific Sleeping Arrangements

You may think that it's perfectly fine for your puppy to sleep in your bed. However, your partner may feel that puppies belong in their own space at night, or vice versa. If you haven't discussed sleeping arrangements before you bring your new puppy home, you and your partner could find yourselves facing some stressful moments while you try to come to an agreement. Your puppy is probably going to feel the tension in the air and react accordingly. Unfortunately, that could lead to problem behavior. You can avoid the tension by coming to an agreement about the sleeping arrangements before you bring your new puppy home.

Dietary Issues

Your partner may think that table scraps are perfectly acceptable treats for a puppy, while you might think that they should be completely off-limits. Most veterinarians will agree that table scraps should be kept away from puppies, but that's something you and your partner should discuss before you decide on a puppy. It's important to note that table scraps can lead to digestive troubles, which could make it difficult to house break your puppy. Not only that, but table scraps can be quite unhealthy for young puppies.

Disciplinary Choices

When it comes to disciplining your puppy, it's important that you and your partner be on the same page, especially when it comes to things like jumping, nipping, and barking. If one of you is disciplining that type of behavior, while the other one is ignoring the behavior, your puppy will receive mixed signals, and not know how to behave. Before you adopt your new puppy, make sure you and your partner agree on what constitutes problem behavior, and how to discipline that improper behavior.

Now that you'll be adopting a new puppy, make sure that you and your partner are in agreement about its care. For tips on how to raise and train a puppy, be sure to speak to your vet.