Your Pets Health Needs Can Change with the SeasonYour Pets Health Needs Can Change with the Season

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Your Pets Health Needs Can Change with the Season

When I bought my first house, the number-one item on my list of new home "must-haves" was a large, fenced-in back yard, so the dogs I would soon adopt would have a place to run around! I adopted one younger dog and a senior dog, so I have learned about caring for pets of all ages. One thing I have noticed is that my dogs' health needs really change with the seasons. My older dog has a little arthritis, and it acts up more in the cold winter and I have to give him a supplement for it. Both dogs are a little less active in the winter when it is cold, so I have to feed them a little less or they gain weight. I decided to start a blog to share my pet health tips, and I hope you can learn a lot here!



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Features Of A Good Dog Boarding Facility

A good dog boarding facility is a great asset to have when you cannot be with your dog. Dog boarding facilities have many different features and amenities. They can board your dog overnight when needed, as well as give your dog a healthy and fun place to play and socialize with other dogs. Here are a few features and amenities that can be included in a good dog boarding facility: 

Individual Kennels:  A dog boarding facility should have an individual kennel for your dog so that they can feel safe and secure when resting or sleeping. This kennel should have your dog's bed and a place for them to eat their meals and drink water. Your dog can also use this individual kennel during the day to rest after playing with other dogs. 

Dog Playmates:  Socialization is an integral part of your dog's well-being. A good dog boarding facility will have other dogs that are the same size, personality, and activity level as your dog. Look for a dog boarding facility that schedules supervised socialization with other dogs at different times of the day when dogs are well-fed and well-rested. 

Indoor Playroom:  Look for a dog boarding facility that has a supervised indoor playroom with ramps and objects to climb on, jump over, and explore. Rubber floors in an indoor playroom can keep your dog's feet and legs safe from injury while romping and playing with other dogs. 

Outdoor Play Area:  A complete dog boarding facility will offer supervised outdoor grassy play areas with an agility yard where your dog can run, jump, and play. A staff member can teach your dog to correctly negotiate an outdoor agility yard and learn the accepted sequence to use all of the equipment. An outdoor play area can also include open spaces where a staff member can play games with your dog such as fetch, catch, and retrieve with a ball or frisbee. 

Swimming Pool:  Look for a dog boarding facility that has a swimming pool where your dog can play in the water.  Dog swimming pools are not deep and allow your dog to play, sit, or recline in the water easily. The water in a dog swimming pool should be at the same temperature as the ambient air around the pool.   

Dog Training:  A complete dog boarding facility will have a staff member assigned to your dog who will establish a one-on-one relationship with your dog. This staff member can evaluate your dog's temperament and experience level and train your dog to understand and follow simple and complex commands. 

Grooming Services:  Look for a dog boarding facility that offers grooming services for your dog. These services can include dog bathing, nail trimming, teeth brushing, and coat brushing and detangling. 

Veterinarian:  A dog boarding facility will have access to a licensed veterinarian who can be consulted if your dog needs attention or care. This vet can be on staff or in a nearby facility. 

When you need a good dog boarding facility, look for one that can meet or exceed your dog's needs and abilities. Thoroughly research a boarding facility you are considering, inspect the facilities, and meet with the staff before you board your dog. Once you find a good dog boarding facility, you can be assured that your dog is well-taken care of when you cannot be with them. To learn more about pet boarding services, check out websites like